Q&A – I have completed the course in Arena animation,ie Graphic and web designing course. Please guide me about this?

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Here’s a good question from Radhika with an even better answer, enjoy:

I have done Diploma in Graphic and web designing Course in Arena Animation,I want to pursue my Career in the above field.But i do not have any idea how to develop the career in the field of Graphics,i am getting confused about my future,Please guide me about this,I know softwares such as Adobe Photoshop,Flash,CRWDRA and Illustrator,I have accomplished some works in the above mentioned soft wares,I am searching for any suitable job.I dont have anyDemo reell.Please give me some suggestions about the Career in the field of Graphics & web.

Answer: This is how I got started… (http://www.joeculver.co.uk)Create a website that will act as a showcase for your work. Graphic design is a very well paid job, and employers will expect a full portfolio of work before hiring you. Before starting a freelancing company, I offered free design and development of websites, banners, and illustrations, on the condition that I could attach my signature, and showcase them in my portfolio. It took a while, but ultimately you build a reputation and a solid book of work, that makes you very “employable”. You can get recommendations and references from the people you worked for. Chances are as you did it for free, they will be very kind in their words.Your portfolio only has to be around 5-10 examples depending on the complexity… I would recommend working for a company before freelancing, to get the experience, and the mark on your Resume that says you worked for “so and so graphic design”.Although the market is full of potential employees, there a not that many that can actually back it up with a decent portfolio, experience and qualifications.If your good, and your prepared to be patient and build a career you will do very well. If your expecting to get well paid job, based on a qualification alone, I think you need to re-think some things as you won’t last….Good luck with it!

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