Reader Question – Where can I find graphic design work?

March 23rd, 2013 Filed under: Graphic Design Portfolios — Advertising Author

Many of you might be asking this same question so I’m posting with the answer here. Enjoy. The question is from graphix

I’ve tried freelancing with elance and but you would have to purchase a membership plan in order to bid on more projects, I’ve tried using other websites…it seems like everyone is soo hungry for work that they apply to every design job posting avalible. It’s getting tough for me as a designer to find quality work. If your looking for a quality web & graphic design, please let me know I’ll be willing to accept any job opportunity…I’ll work right from my computer and I’ll meet your deadlines.Please, where can I find work, other than using these over-crowded websites?ThanksHere you can access my web page to contact me and take a look at my portfolio: Please notice at this moment I only have logos displayed in my portfolio, but keep in mind I do basic html and css web design and a wide variety of graphics for web pages.

Answer: My general advice is to identify potential collaborators who don’t do graphic design and who own the skills you don’t, e.g., (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, databases etc. Find a bunch of them. If you and they have a mutual support network, hunting for jobs, you can feed each other…network your skills, and perform with consistently highest degree of professionalism.Do you have an online portfolio? If so, post it as an addendum to your question and answers in this forum, so that possible collaborators can see and evaluate your work; if you don’t have an online portfolio, make one. Offer assistance in this forum to those who need help with graphic design and point out your portfolio to reassure them of the quality of your expertise.Added: Having seen your portfolio, I recommend you change the title attribute from “Web & Graphics | Logos | Websites | Graphic Design” to something more like “Graphic Design | Web Graphics | Logos .” That is, stress the “graphic design” aspect – lose the website aspect. I looked at your source code – you are not a web developer. Your portfolio samples are beautiful, but don’t cover a wide enough spectrum of techniques and styles to knock the socks off your potential clients or collaborators. Add some items, whether things you’ve actually sold or not, that demonstrate different facets of your tools and your skills.

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