Q&A: have you heard of a rookhill retriever?

February 21st, 2013 Filed under: Internet Advertising Company — Advertising Author

I was looking through some old posts and found this question. I thought it was a good one so I wanted to post an answer here. The question comes from ‘Alanarama’:

i have been considering getting a new pup to keep my dog company, have seen some rookhill retrievers advertised they are so cute puppy’s but after searching the internet can not seem to find any pitures of rookhill retrievers or pups, so i just wondered what they will look like when they are older and if anyone has ever heard of them? thanks

Answer: This is not anything that I’ve heard of and is not an AKC, UKC, or FCI breed. If you aren’t buying it for specific retrieving traits that the other retriever breeds don’t have, then stick with responsible breeders of known breeds. http://www.pbrc.net/breeding3.htmlAnd remember, never get another dog to keep a current dog company. This usually leads to two lonely dogs. If your current dog needs “company”, then change your lifestyle to provide more activities for him.Where are you seeing these dogs “advertised”?


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