Q/A – Help Deciding Between 2 Majors?

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You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘Planet SIX’ who asks:

Communications or Hospitality Management?Both really interest me, and I hope that either would lead into the theme park industry… with communications, I would hope to work in Public Relations (or something related) for a theme park.. i figure theme parks are in the hospitality category for Hospitality Management… I’ve read up on both of these extensively, but not sure which one would be better. help? thanks!

Answer: Hi! Either major, in communications or hospitality management, could serve you well for working in public relations for a theme park. According to this site http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/degrees/vocational/hospitality-travel “An associate degree in travel and tourism is another way to obtain useful skills in the industry. The program teaches students how to interact with vacationers, provide exemplary customer service, and effectively promote travel services in person as well as over the Internet. Fundamental skills in marketing and business administration are also cultivated, and individuals may have the opportunity to participate in internships at local travel destinations to gain hands-on experience. Examples of classes include services marketing, consumer behavior, event or meeting management, geography, tourism or business law, and airline ticketing and reservations management. Although some associate degree holders immediately enter the workforce after graduation, many individuals transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in the field. In this program, students broaden their understanding of customer relations and the business-related tasks associated with travel and tourism. Individuals learn how to strengthen their communication skills and pinpoint networking opportunities that will be beneficial to them in the labor market. Several essential topics, such as travel economics, financial risk management, hospitality and tourism accounting, and international business, are thoroughly addressed.”A communications major could also prepare you well for a job in the field of PR, because according to this site http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/degrees/business/communications-studies “Individuals with a background in communication studies have often had the opportunity to explore one or more specialties, such as mass media, broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, and arts-related concentrations. They often work in a number of settings, including public relations firms, broadcast companies, radio stations, marketing firms, private offices, academic institutions, and print companies.”One additional option that may work for you is a degree in marketing. According to this site http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/degrees/business/marketing “A career in marketing appeals to those who like to interact with the public, are good communicators, and are analytical, creative and work well under pressure.With a marketing degree, you may work as a market research analyst, advertising and promotions manager, advertising sales agent, public relations manager, and marketing manager. Employers of marketing graduates include nonprofit organizations, businesses and government agencies.”You may also want to take a look at job listings on indeed.com or simplyhired.com for theme park public relations personnel to get a sense of what degrees they want their employees to have. If possible, you could even talk with a hiring manager at a theme park of your choice to get a sense of what degrees they like prospective employees to have. Good luck with your choice! :)

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